What to look for in A Camping Lantern

A camping lantern is a very important item for those who enjoy the great outdoors because it makes it easy to for you to see during the dark especially when it comes to cooking food, finding your way around and even going to the loo or bathroom. Going camping without packing or buying a camping lantern is a very huge mistake, which plenty of campers make. You only make things ten times difficult by making this school boy error. Every camper knows how important light is in the great outdoors and below are a few tips that come in handy when choosing a camping lantern.

What to look out for in a camping lantern

  1. Durability – We all want products that can withstand a certain level of punishment without falling apart and this is why durability in a camping lantern is very important. The woods can be a rough place and finding a good quality lantern on the market is not easy at all. You might find a lantern that catches your eyes with very cool features but that is all you will pay for, the features and it might fall apart on your first trip with it. Always make durability a priority when buying a camping lantern because longevity is better than a few cool features anytime.
  2. Price – Aside from durability, cost of the product needs to be taken into consideration. You do not want to break the bank and pay over the top for a lantern that can be purchased cheaply elsewhere. Take your time, do your research, know what features you are looking for in the lantern before parting ways with your hard earned money.
  3. User friendly – It can be stressful enough planning a camping trip and the last thing you want is a lantern adding to the headache because it is not easy to use. A camping lantern that is so easy to use is perfect because it can make the whole camping experience worth it and enjoyable instead of a total nightmare.
  4. Features – While many camping lantern comes in different sizes and shapes, they all come with their own unique features that distinguish them from each other. These features can be a brighter light, light weight, easy to take apart and put together, water proof and even portability. Always make sure you look at your finances first before deciding whether you want a camping lantern with extra cool features or not. On top of the funds, also think about how you will use the lantern when you buy it because some work hanging on a rope while you can get the best of some lanterns by placing them on a table.


Overall a very good camping lantern will meet all the points that have been mentioned above. While the market is saturated with so many people claiming to have the perfect camping lantern for you however, always do your research and take your time before making a decision on the one you want.