Title 24 Standards and Calculations

To ensure that the new and existing building is built with energy efficiency and with an aim to preserve its outdoor and indoor energy efficiency, the California Title 24 Calculations building energy efficiency standards are designed. These energy efficiency standards are a must for all the building to make it comfortable, reduced energy cost and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Every building be it new or old have to follow these standards/compliance. It is verified by the local city and country enforcement agencies. Every newly constructed home along with alterations/renovations to residential and non-residential buildings except for hospitals, nursing, jails, prisons and correctional centers are expected to follow the Title 24 Energy efficiency standards. These standards differ from climate zone. California has 16 climate zones and these standards vary with places. Places with extreme climates have cost effective standards that those with mild climates.

The California Energy Commission is responsible for checking this standard. The advantages of these standards are to save energy, increase electricity, indoor comfort, preserve the environment and avoid more construction of power plants. These standards must be adopted every three years for homeowners of 30 years old building.

Zero Net Energy (ZNE) is targeted for new homes by 2020 and commercial buildings by 2030. ZNE goals aim at new buildings having improved energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.

Cost of Making Energy Commission Standards

Building a house with these energy standards increases the construction cost by $2700 but reduces the energy and maintenance cost by $7400 for about 30 years lifespan. This is approximately $31 per month savings on heating, cooling and lighting bill payments. By following this standard in a building with a single family, 28 percent less energy is saved in heating, cooling, ventilation and water heating. This would have saved 30 years of energy to power 2.2 million homes in California. It also avoids constructing 12 additional power plants in California.

The Calculations

It is offered by special CEPE/ CEA certified agencies for compliance with building energy standards anywhere in the state of California. These agencies use specialized software to generate the report. They guarantee accuracy and acceptance and comply with the state energy compliance. They also provide Title 24 energy compliance certificates. They email the pdf format of this along with AutoCAD drawings and Tiff Formats. Certified energy consultants have specialized in a variety for new residences and commercial buildings. These professional energy compliance documentation are provided by many certified agencies from certified professionals only. Make sure they ensure to provide it accurately.

Many architects, builders, developers and contractors count on these agencies for their accurate calculation reports for their building projects in the state of California. These Title 24 calculations benefit by providing flexibility, tradeoffs among features and credits for going beyond code. Software used for making them are CBECC and Energy -Pro software programs. These software guarantees to stick and abide by the Title 24 compliance report in any city in the state of California.

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