NonRegenerative Anemia in Dogs: Cause, Origin, and Diet Implications

Anemia is a common condition among animals just as it is in humans. For your family dog it is quite possible that a condition of anemia has developed and, when this condition arises, it is important to meet with your dog’s veterinarian to determine what treatments should be offered for this blood disorder. While not life threatening, anemia in dogs can significantly reduce quality of life and for this reason, it is important to treat anemia early and aggressively.

In dogs, there are two types of anemia that may develop. One type of anemia in dogs is known as regenerative anemia whereas the other type is commonly referred to as nonregenerative anemia. With nonregenerative anemia there are many types of sub classifications that can be used. In some dogs the complication of nonregenerative anemia may be associated with the chronic disease that could severe and, for this reason, any type of anemia must be diagnosed correctly and treated promptly.

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Chronic conditions that lead to nonregenerative anemia in dogs may include conditions such as hyperthyroidism or liver disease. In addition, your dog may also develop nonregenerative anemia from a complication associated with renal function, or loss of normal kidney functions. With these types of complications a complete blood work analysis is necessary to determine the exact cause and origin of the anemia in your dog and what the underlying cause may be.

Bone marrow complications in dogs are also a common complication that leads to anemia. But, in most dogs, the complications with nonregenerative anemia come as a result of nutritional deficiency. When your dog is not given the proper amount of iron, copper, b12, b6, niacin, vitamin E, and vitamin C, in the dog food eaten, this can lead to complications involving iron deficiency which then leads to complications with anemia, more specifically can lead to nonregenerative anemia.

If you find that your dog is fatigued, lethargic, losing weight, and is non-responsive to you on most days, this could be a significant sign of a potential anemic condition. Meet with your veterinarian and determine if the condition is related to a nonregenerative anemia risk and if so, determine what health complications have arisen and how you can best treat them in collaboration with your dog’s veterinarian.

Sources: The Merck Veterinary Manual, 9th Ed., pp. 25-27.

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Selecting the Right Dog

Selecting the Right Dog

For thousands of years, hounds have hunted with speed, stamina, and a highly developed sense of sight and smell that allows for easy and accurate tracking of quarry. Sight Hounds rely primarily on eyesight to catch prey once spotted. Hounds that rely primarily on sense of smell rely less on speed and eyesight. Hounds have been bred to assist man with hunting and chasing small game, flushing out game, hunting vermin, tracking and to function as guard dogs. Though hound dogs are used less in modern times for these tasks, the abilities are still with the breed. Hounds are very energetic animals, and require significant exercise. There are many popular breeds of hounds. A few popular breeds from the Hound Category follow:

Afghan Hound

A glamorous breed, the Afghan Hound is a model of strength and dignity. So many people are attracted to the silky coat and Oriental expression. Sight hounds from the mountains of Afghanistan, Afghans are terrific hunters that will chase anything from a hare to the neighborhood cat. The Afghan was brought to Britain early in the 1900’s. The Afghan is an elegant dog that performs best in the showroom, and requires a great deal of grooming.

Bassett Hound

Bassett Hounds are hunters who naturally hunt hares with a slow, persistent pace successfully across long distances. In the middle ages, French monks bred Bassett Hounds for hunting in heavy cover with their noses close to the ground. The breed was further developed in the UK. Many dog lovers find the wrinkled forehead skin, long ears, and short legs irresistible, making the breed a favorite. Because the dog is happy indoors or outdoors and is calm and affectionate, the Bassett Hound is an excellent family pet.


Bloodhounds have a distinguished ability to follow human scent over most terrain. Because of this, the Bloodhound has been featured in countless detective novels. St. Hubert of Belgium originated the breed, and was introduced to England by the Normans as far back as 1066. The breed is recognized by even non dog lovers, due to it’s characteristic loose flaps of skin over the forehead, long ears, and strong, large body. The bloodhound is a low-maintenance dog that is used in law enforcement.


The borzoi is an aristocrat of the dog world. The Tzar of Russia presented the Borzoi to Queen Alexandra, launching his popularity in England. The breed is characterized by a coat with a slight wave, and comes in a number of different colours. The coat has a tendency to mat without proper grooming. The breed is swift and graceful. The Borzoi Is affectionate and faithful, though he often gives off the appearance of aloofness to strangers.


Dachshunds were originally bred to enter badger sets and bring the residing badgers out. The dachshund has been used in a great many roles throughout the years. Because of this, there are six varieties. Each of the sizes is further defined as Smooth-haired, Long-haired, or Wire-haired. There are a variety of different color variations. Dachshunds have a long, sleek body, with short legs. All types of dachshunds are ideal family pets. It should be noted, however, that the dachshund has a very independent nature that may require strong training.


The origin of this dog is not completely certain, though many experts believe it to lie somewhere in the Middle East. Drawings similar in nature to a greyhound dog have been found on ancient Egyptian tombs, and have been dated back to 4000 BC. Though the dogs were found throughout Europe, it is thought the development of the breed occurred in the UK. Show versions of the Greyhound are larger than racing Greyhounds. With a recorded top speed of 45 mph, only the Cheetah can top the Greyhound for speed. Greyhounds adapt well to human families and make gentle and faithful family pets.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish wolfhounds stand close to a meter high at the shoulder, making him the largest of any dog breed. Despite the appearance of the breed’s rough coat and giant size, the dogs are gentle and calm. This breed has had a shaky existence, having been affected by the potato famine and the loss of the wolf population in Ireland around 1840, but was restored in 1870. These dogs do not appear to move quickly, but can move gracefully. Because of this dog’s size, he needs space and exercise. This dog has a big appetite, and will need a robust, healthy diet. Ownership of this dog is not a small responsibility, and should be researched and considered very carefully.


This breed is big and rugged. Originally this dog was bred to spend his days in water, hunting otter. Because the dog has a rough textured double coat, he is extremely water resistant. It also means that he will bring in dirt and debris, however. Playful, fun-loving Otterhounds are not an ideal choice of indoor pet, but makes a fun outdoor pet. With his webbed feet, he is a remarkable animal that would love nothing more than to undo hours of grooming by taking a long swim with his owner as part of required regular exercise.

Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hounds grace the tombs of ancient Egyptian tombs as paintings on walls and pottery. The elegant dog has been around and popular for thousands of years. The breed did not come to Britain until the 1970’s, but quickly established popularity. The dog breed has a rich tan color with amber eyes, and has the ability to hunt by both sight and scent. The Pharaoh Hound is a hard worker, energetic and affectionate.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog native to South America. As one of only two dogs in the world that has a ridge of hair growing the wrong way down it’s back, the dog is unique and sought after. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is agile and powerful. The breed was originally used by big game hunters to assist in pursuit of game, including lions. Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs are used as guard dogs on the continent of Africa as a guard dog, but the dog actually has characteristics of a good family pet, as well. The breed is affectionate, loyal, protective, and good with children, and requires little grooming, making it a good choice for busy families with kids.


Known as a prized possession for Arabs, the Saluki presents itself with grace and elegance. Salukis have a very developed hunting instinct. It is also very fast over most types of terrain, which makes him a good work dog for Middle Eastern geography. Sheikhs have kept records of Saluki ownership for hundreds of years, but the breed was not introduced to Britain until 1840, and was finally officially recognized in 1923. Because the Saluki requires a lot of attention, he does not make the best family pet. Salukis are high-strung, intelligent, affectionate, and sensitive. Easily bored, Salukis entertain themselves in often naughty ways if left alone in a home, and can damage or destroy property.


The agile, dainty Whippet has been used as a racing dog, especially in some areas of England, where records show some Whippets covering ground as fast as 180 meters in 12 seconds. The breed is gentle and affectionate. It loves the company of humans, and energetic and athletic at play. These qualities make the Whippet an ideal family dog. Similar in nature to a Greyhound, the Whippet is small enough to pick up and carry.

As noted, make sure the hound is the right dog for your family before bringing him into your home. Also make sure you can afford to feed and provide care for your new family member. Enjoy your pet!

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Tips for Making the most Effective Banners and Signs

Tips for Making the most Effective Banners and Signs

Introducing a new product at a trade show? Banner stands are the perfect vehicle to make the new product stand out among your other trade show booth display items. Graphic designers need to follow different design guidelines for banner stands booths. Below are 7 design tips for an effective banner stand:

Section_2_0a_Useful_Information1. Information should not be too close in bottom. Adjustable Banner Stands usually stand at about 3 feet from the ground. The bottom 36″ is the lowest effective section for important information. It’s OK to put your URL of your company here because once you have got the audience attention, they will read it to the bottom if interested.

2. Name at the heading should be in big letters. You’ve got 3 seconds to captivate the audience. Don’t waste it on your company name or URL. Instead use this space for 2-3 word phrase or attention getting graphics. If you are introducing a new product, this is the place to put it. I like a reverse type effect if you need the big bang words. For example, white text on black background, with the image underneath.

3. Design should be of high quality just like a power-point presentation, too many numbering results in a message that won’t get be read . Bullets that are hard to read because of a background image can also be a problem. Good design with impact numbering with high impact message.

design-image4. Design and image preferences
Do not fool your visitors by using images which do not go along with your products and services you provide. Use the images which match with the product. If you see some good banners you can save them and send them to your designer. Obviously you can ask your interactive agency not to copy the design and style. This would help the interactive designer to understand your designing preferences.

5. Know your competitors It is very important to know your competitors. Make a list of all your competitor websites. Save the banners of your competitors. The basic idea is that you need to create a banner which stands absolutely different from others. Also just see whether the content and pictures you are using goes well with the concept of your banner. Do not follow what others have created. Think differently and create something different which would help you later.

6. Banner guide
The banner service or website which you are planning to use would provide you with the banner guide. The guide would help you to know the various aspects of the banner, for example length, banner size, border attributes, number of the loops, lengths of the animation etc. you can send the banner style to designers in order to get the banners remain to the policy of ad service.

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7. Design that does not print as intended. It is good to read the guidelines for where you want to print. The most common mistake is mixed CMYK and RGB images or images that do not have high enough resolution. Check your file and make sure everything is either all RGB or all CMYK for the most predictable print results. Most large format printers want 100-200 dpi at 100% finished size; anything more is overkill.

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Trade shows to depict the product more evident

Display on the show to create demand for products:

Trade shows are something that most of us want to visit. It is the place where the business people not only display ‘what is new or current’, but also customers get to see something which would interest them to buy them.  The things concentrated while conducting the trade shows are the letters used on display board, color used thereby and the captions that attract the customers view accordingly.


The technology has improved the options of the display. You have the table top display, Banners with digital based option, message being popped up on regular intervals, big size display as they attract the viewers etc. It surely involves cost, however attracts a large mass attending the trade show. The space that is provided for the display of the products is best utilized by the business firms. Usually, the big banners that depict the features of the products are a concise explanation of their produce. The importance of this whole agenda is to make the people who visit the trade show knows about the existence of the products and also to create and increase sales with the help of ‘word of mouth’ marketing.


There are many of trade shows especially conducted for the sale of cars. In such shows, you can see the display of product, ‘the car’ which call for a ‘test ride’ as well and to make the leads into customers. This will enhance the recognition of the products in the larger market. The measurement of the display ranges till seven or more feet high. The rolling down fabric display is the most commonly used as the action that is undertaken in doing so would attract the views with the expectation as to which product the fabric displays. This anxiousness again encourages the viewers outlook to know more about the product. The tie up of the display message on the banner that runs horizontally from one point to another is additional attraction in the trade show! The height matters a lot so the poles with which this is tied with would be between two to four inches high.


The basis of the trade show is generating the sales and this is what the whole exhibition does. The manufacturing companies organize the shows by renting a place for the same with the specified period of time. This will give them the place to know the market and analyze it accordingly.

The usage of the props for the shows:

A display in the table top is a source where there are options of using the same with ease. They can be used on the table without much of assistants required.

The covers on the table with the product displayed on it would enable the viewers to know it as a product display rather than any table cover. This would be branded one with the products being exhibited therein.

There are many of such ideas as the above that would hike the sales or create once the trade show is completed because of more people visiting the show.

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